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15/11/2019 - UniversalPad is being developed...it's a notepad app with a twist. It incorporates 256-bit AES encryption, a different look for the work environment than the typical dark and light themes...and then some. 610ry 5ku115 is taking a more imaginative approach than the typical user interface. There will be images coming soon.

13/11/2019 - New designs have been posted @ 610ry 5ku115 Redbubble shop.

What People Say About Using Encryption

If you go to a coffee shop or at the airport, and you're using open wireless, I would use a VPN service that you could subscribe for 10 bucks a month. Everything is encrypted in an encryption tunnel, so a hacker cannot tamper with your connection. Kevin Mitnick
We should be careful not to vilify encryption itself, which is essential for privacy, data security, and global commerce. Mike McCaul
There are two types of encryption: one that will prevent your sister from reading your diary and one that will prevent your government. Bruce Schneier

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